These Are the Best Apple TV+ Shows, Ranked

Among a plethora of streaming services, Apple TV+ is attempting to differentiate itself by growing its catalog of original shows. Apple TV+ offers movies shows and an organizational platform for anyone with Apple products, so they can have all of their programs in one place. The best and most underutilized part of Apple TV+ is its original programming, specifically, its shows.

Apple TV+’s shows have recently been thrust into the spotlight with the success of Ted Lasso. However, Apple TV+ has a lot more to offer. It has critically acclaimed shows that cover a multitude of genres, and while Hulu and Netflix have been creating original content for much longer, Apple is beginning to make a name for itself with big stars and big awards surrounding their shows. If you are looking for your next favorite TV show, Apple TV+ is the best place to go. If the service has almost too much content for you to find your new favorite show, then take a look at the best of the bunch here for a perfect place to start.

5 Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest
Apple TV

Mythic Quest is a 2020 comedy from the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It follows a fictional game development company that must work together to expand and improve their game, but of course chaos often ensues. An ensemble comedy, Mythic Quest develops interesting characters, with different motivations, who must work together to complete the same goal. The workplace comedy is a bit of a tired genre, but Mythic Quest breathes new life by bringing the genre into a newer and popular, but still not well-known, workplace environment. Game development is a newer career and thus many don’t think of it as a normal 9-5. Mythic Quest humanizes game development and developers while also drawing great comedy from it. Mythic Quest has aired for two seasons and two special episodes, and Apple TV+ has recently renewed it for seasons three and four. If you’re looking for a new comedy, now is the time to watch Mythic Quest.

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4 Schmigadoon!

Apple TV

One of the newest shows on Apple TV+, Schmigadoon! is a musical parody. Based on a multitude of musicals from the 1940s and ’50s, and drawing its title from Brigadoonthis show puts a modern twist on them all. Schmigadoon! follows a troubled couple who go on a hiking trip to repair their relationship when they stumble upon a magical town trapped in the Golden Age of musicals. The show not only has a star-studded cast but has some great music to boot, and is breezily funny. It has a mass appeal, but is especially for musical theater fans far and wide, and is a show for theater kids, adults and geeks alike. The show premiered to critical acclaim and positive reviews from audiences, and while the show has not yet been renewed for a second season, the first season is a great watch for most of the family.

3 For All Mankind

For All Mankind
Apple TV

Following an alternate timeline of the Space Race between the US and USSR, For All Mankind begs the question, what if the Space Race never ended? In the show, the Soviets reach the moon before the Americans. When this happens, the Americans refuse to give up and choose instead to continue attempting to outdo their counterparts. Could women go to the moon? Families? Children? Could people live on the moon? For All Mankind strives to answer all of these questions and often does. The second season was 100% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes despite more minimal commercial success. Perhaps because of its critical acclaim, Apple continues to renew the show, because critics and fans just keep coming back. If you love space and a little science fiction, prep for season three of For All Mankind by binging the first two seasons now.

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2 Dickinson

Apple TV

As one of the first shows to be released on the platform, Dickinson is one of Apple TV+’s introduced the world to the offbeat, creative potential of the streaming network. Dickinson It was also one of the most well-written shows of Apple’s first batch of original programming, following famed poet Emily Dickinson as she navigates writing, sexuality, family, and the disintegration of the world she used to know. Emily Dickinson was a very secretive person when she was alive, and her work only garnered appreciation after her death; Dickinson’s sexuality has long been a question, as she never married and lived with her parents her entire life.

While we may never know the truth, Dickinson takes this opportunity to explore the possibilities that may be within the great writer’s love life. The show also reads as a sort of coming-of-age story, just one set in the 19th century with an extremely modern sensibility. As people tended to marry early then, the show centers around 17-23-year-olds looking to get married and have children; that’s what was what was coming-of-age at that time, for better or (definitely) worse. Dickinson Its finished run after season three, which wrapped at the end of 2021 in a delightful way. If you’re looking for a show to binge in full, Dickinson is a perfect option.

1 Ted Lasso

ted-lasso on Apple TV
Apple TV / Doozer Productions

If you haven’t heard of Ted Lassoyou simply must be living under a rock. Ted Lasso is objectively the most famous and awarded show on Apple TV+. Originally made as an NBC Sports Promo, Ted Lasso quickly became one of the best shows on any streaming platform, and is probably responsible for the boom in Apple TV memberships. The show follows an American Division II College Football coach as he is hired to coach Premier League Soccer in London. The idea is a bit outlandish, but that’s what makes it fun, allowing the show to build up the characters in the kookiest and most enjoyable ways.

The characters of Ted Lasso are what make it great, and their innate kindness to one another is crucially important in these divisive times. Despite the show being named after the main character, it truly is an ensemble comedy. Jason Sudeikis certainly does an amazing job as Ted Lasso, but he would be a lot less funny without the amazing acting from Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, and the rest of the cast. The people are what make Ted Lasso great, that and its good old-fashioned optimism. Season 3 is set to start filming soon, so if you’re one of the five people on the planet who’ve never watched Ted Lassonow is the time.

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