Minecraft Player Makes Incredible Working Tractor

One key thing that goes hand-in-hand with Minecraft is growing crops and farming for survival, and one player makes it easier to cultivate produce.

Screenshot from Minecraft showing a farm, which includes a farmhouse and a barn.

It would be hard to come across a gamer who either hasn’t played the open world behemoth that is Minecraft, or is at least familiar with it in some form. As one of the highest grossing games of all time, its biggest draw is that it’s a game that goes on for what feels like forever, and encourages limitless potential from its player base. One aspect that many are familiar with is the idea of ​​building a farm and cultivating crops, and using the in-built mechanics, one person has managed to create a key piece of farming equipment.


Uploading a brief video to the Minecraft Subreddit recently, user sleeping_Prince_ has put together what they describe in the post’s title as a “real-life tractor” which, when activated, harvests the grown crops in its path. While some have pointed out that, given it’s been cobbled together with pistons and other 1×1 blocks, that it doesn’t really look like a tractor, the end result is still impressive as the machine moves up and down a patch of tilled ground and gathers the grown sugarcane, in this instance.

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While there are no instructions on how to build the heavy machine, some keen-eyed players may be able to have some idea of ​​how it was put together from the video alone, such as the aforementioned sticky pistons as well as some redstone. The original poster did respond to one commenter asking how it was built, saying that they would be making a tutorial for the beloved farming game like Stardew Valley on how to build this specific design, so others can make it themselves.

Redstone in Minecraft is extremely useful, though it can be tricky to master at first. There have been so many interesting contraptions that players have created over the years. Everything from a working X-ray machine, to an alarm clock, to a robot that drains water for those that wish to create underground structures has been realized in-game. After more than ten years, it still looks like fans are finding new and interesting things to build, many of which have very useful applications.

Minecraft is a game with near-infinite replayability, which is probably why it’s truly stood the test of time and is still going strong to this day. There’s no denying that Minecraft is something of a juggernaut, being one of the most successful IPs in recent gaming history, and even something like farming can be a way for users to use their creativity and imagination, as sleeping_Prince_ has been done.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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