Biodynamic and organic agriculture, no more equating

The room stop a bill that would have equated organic to biodynamic agriculturea practice that includes activities without scientific value and indicated as esoteric discipline by the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources of the National Research Council (Cnr). The text of the bill on organic farming was approved in the Senate last spring, despite protests and appeals from the scientific community. However, the Montecitorio assembly approved the amendments by the deputy Riccardo Magi of + Europa, which eliminate the references to biodynamic agriculture and postponed the discussion in the Senate.

The draft law

The bill on the protection, development and competitiveness of agricultural, agri-food and aquaculture production, aims to reorganize clearly the vast set of rules and regulations that prescribe how it should be practiced organic farming, applying the directives of the European Union. In this way, producers who follow the rules established by law will have easier access to European fundsavoiding bureaucratic complications, and consumers avoiding products that are not organic.

However, in the first writing, the proposing legislators decided to include agriculture in the text as well biodynamicfounded by German mystic philosopher Rudolf Stainer and registered trademark of the German multinational Demeter, and the Senate saw fit to approve it as it was. The first signatory of the bill, the representative of Italy alive Maria Chiara Gadda, defended the choice, arguing that “I don’t care what Steiner wrote and his philosophy. You get funding because you are a professional farmer and because you have organic certification, and this also applies to those who, with reasons that don’t interest me, choose to do biodynamic agriculture” reports Daily fact.


Biodynamic agriculture, however, while prescribing a type of agriculture without herbicides, genetically modified organisms and a limited use of mechanical vehicles, also includes the use of particular fertilizers that look more like mystical rituals rather than actual agricultural practices. Is exactly these esoteric practiceswhich a company must respect in order to be categorized as biodynamic, they were about to be included in the Italian legal system.

These are nine preparations with undefined magical properties, which distinguish biodynamics from organic farming. Among the best known are the so-called cornoletame – or Preparato 500 – consisting of a cow’s horn that has given birth at least once, filled with excrement and buried in winter, and then exhumed at Easter and dissolved in “dynamized” water, that is, mixed in a large amount of water, first turning in one direction and then changing direction for an hour. At the end of the practice the preparation can be used to fertilize the fields. Another preparation involves fill a male deer bladder with yarrow flowersBury it for a few months and finally use it as a fertiliser, while yet another prescribes inserting several pieces of bark inside a pet’s skull.

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