A Guide To Animal Husbandry In Medieval Dynasty

Along with farming and hunting in Medieval Dynasty, you will have the opportunity to take care of a variety of animals. As you increase your farming technology points, you will unlock new animal husbandry buildings to add to your village. From these buildings, you can assign workers to collect materials and breed animals for you.

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To increase your farming technology points, you will need to farm. Various farm-related activities will increase your total technology points, allowing you to build and craft new things. First, let’s take a look at providing food for your future animals.

Animal Feed

villager working in the barn

All of your animals (excluding bees) will rely on animal feed as their food source. This can be crafted at a barn workbench with the following materials.

  • 1 Rye Grain
  • 1 Oat Green
  • 5 Straw

The scheme for animal feed will unlock when you acquire 100 farming points. With enough points, you can purchase the scheme for 50 coins. If you don’t have enough materials to make your own animal feed, that’s okay. Animal feed can also be purchased from farming vendors in town. If you want to boost your crafting skill, you can also buy the rye and oat separately to make your own. Straw can easily be gathered from around water sourcesso you don’t have to worry about running out.

Animals require different amounts of feed depending on their type and age. Overall, the larger an animal is, the more food it will require. Additionally, baby animals consume less food. For example, a chick just needs around three animal feed portions per year, while an adult hen needs six. Full-grown horses, on the other hand, will need 24 portions of animal feed per year.

Every animal husbandry building will have a trough where you can place food. As you fill the trough, the percentage will increase, indicating the amount of food in it. To add the animal feed, just interact with the trough with food in your inventory.


village watching chickens
via cuddlecat/Steam
  • Technology Points Required: 100
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 chickens
  • Total Building Materials:
    • 14 Logs
    • 32 Sticks
    • 24 Straw

From the henhouse, you can raise chickens that will provide eggs and feathers. Feathers are a key material in crafting arrows, while eggs provide an excellent food source for you and your villagers. You will not be able to collect these items by yourself; an assigned villager will need to collect these items for you.

You can purchase chickens from Ida, located in Borowo, or from Irmina, located in Rolnica. Check out the prices for chickens below. The bartering level refers to the bartering skill that can be leveled up in the Diplomacy skill tree. This skill will give you better purchasing and selling prices.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 562 coins 1,125 coins
1/3 525 coins 1,050 coins
2/3 487 coins 9,75 coins
3/3 450 coins 9,00 coins

Baby chicks will take around two seasons to mature, and adult chickens have a lifespan of around 6.25 years, which is 25 seasons.

Goose House

player looking at their 2 geese
via Shan Finds Pixels/Steam
  • Technology Points Required: 500
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 Geese
  • Total Building Materials:
    • 17 Logs
    • 42 Sticks
    • 16 Straw

Similar to chickens, geese will provide you with eggs and feathers. Geese can be purchased from Sobiemir in Gostovia. Below, you can find the prices of both young and adult geese.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 750 coins 1,500 coins
1/3 700 coins 1,400 coins
2/3 650 coins 1,300 coins
3/3 600 coins 1,200 coins

Baby geese take two seasons to mature, and adult geese have a lifespan of 12.5 yearswhich is 50 seasons.


player looking at pigs gathering around path
via AnythingQuiet/Steam
  • Technology Points Required: 250
  • Maximum Capacity: 5 Pigs
  • Total Building Materials:
    • 20 Logs
    • 54 Sticks
    • 12 Straw

From the pigsty, you will be able to raise pigs to collect manure. Although this sounds a bit gross, manure is a very valuable resource to make fertilizer, that can then be added to your crops.

Similar to hens and chickens, you will need a villager assigned to the pigsty to collect the manure.

Pigs can be purchased in Rolnica from Irmina. Below, you can check out the prices for pigs.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 1,125 coins 2,250 coins
1/3 1050 coins 2,100 coins
2/3 975 coins 1,950 coins
3/3 900 coins 1,800 coins

Piglets will take a full year to mature, and an adult pig has a lifespan of 18.75 years, which is 75 seasons.

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player looking at villager with farm animals
  • Technology Points Required: 2,500
  • Maximum Capacity: 12 Goats and Sheep
  • Total Building Materials:
    • 21 Logs
    • 62 Sticks
    • 32 Straw

From a fold, you will be able to raise goats and sheep. Let’s take an in-depth look at both of these animals.


Goats will provide milk, that can be collected from an assigned villager.

You can purchase goats from Lubomira in Barnica. Check out the prices for goats below.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 1,500 coins 3,000 coins
1/3 1,400 coins 2,800 coins
2/3 1,300 coins 2,600 coins
3/3 1,200 coins 2,400 coins

Baby goats will mature after one year, and adult goats have a lifespan of 15 yearswhich is 60 seasons.


From sheep, you can wool that can then be processed in the harvesting hut.

Sheep can also be purchased from Lubomira in Barnica for the following prices.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 1,950 coins 3,900 coins
1/3 1,820 coins 3,640 coins
2/3 1,690 coins 3,380 coins
3/3 1,560 coins 3,120 coins

Lambs will take a full year to mature, and adult sheep have a lifespan of 12.5 yearswhich is 50 seasons.


villager standing next to cow
  • Technology Points Required: 3,500
  • Maximum Capacity: 8 Cows
  • Total Building Materials:
    • 26 Logs
    • 104 Sticks
    • 32 Straw

From a cowshed, you will be able to gather milk with an assigned villager. You will need to have empty buckets in the cowshed or resource storage so a villager can successfully collect the milk.

You can drink this milk straight from the bucket, or make cheese with it.

Cows can be purchased from Sobiemier in Gostovia for the following prices.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 2250 coins 4500 coins
1/3 2100 coins 4200 coins
2/3 1950 coins 3900 coins
3/3 1800 coins 3600 coins

A calf will take two years to mature, and adult cows have a lifespan of around 22 years which is 90 seasons.


stable with animal breeder working
  • Technology Points Required: 2,000
  • Maximum Capacity: 4 Horses and Donkeys
  • Total Building Materials:
    • 48 Logs
    • 48 Straw
    • 5 Planks

Stables allow you to raise horses and donkeys as mounts. With a villager assigned here, they can breed horses and donkeys. Although these animals don’t provide any resources, you can sell them to make more money. Let’s take an in-depth look at both of these animals.


Horses are a quick mount, perfect for traveling. You can purchase a horse from Leonard in Hornica for the following prices.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 5,250 coins 10,500 coins
1/3 4,900 coins 9,800 coins
2/3 4,550 coins 9,100 coins
3/3 4,200 coins 8,400 coins

Foals will take one and a half years to mature, and adult horses have a lifespan of 31.25 years, which is 125 seasons.


While horses excel in moving quickly, donkeys excel in transporting goods. You can purchase donkeys from Amanda in Tutki for the following prices.

Bartering Level Young Adult
0/3 2,625 coins 3,750 coins
1/3 2,450 coins 3,500 coins
2/3 2,275 coins 3,250 coins
3/3 2,100 coins 3,000 coins

Similar to horses, donkey foals take one and a half years to mature. Adult donkeys have a lifespan of 31.25 years as well.


player looking at apiary in the fog
via Grandmaster/Steam
  • Technology Points Required: 9,000
  • Total Building Materials:

Apiaries work a bit differently from other animal husbandry buildings. Rather than buying bees, you will just need to build the apiary and they will come. Additionally, bees do not require you to feed them. From the apiary, you can assign a worker to collect honeycomb.

That’s all there is to know about animal husbandry. Overall, you will need a lot of technology points to unlock these buildings, as well as a lot of building materials. Try to farm as much as you can to increase your farming technology points.

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