Savvy DIY fan who doesn’t have space for a tree creates stunning pink Christmas garland using B&M & The Range bargains

IN our future dream home, we’d have a living room big enough to fit a 6ft Christmas tree – and maybe even a few child-sized gonks in there too.

But as it stands, we hardly have enough space for the teeniest tree in the supermarket – which means we have to get creative if we want our place to look suitably festive.


Chrissy and Callum don’t have the space for a traditional tree in their rented flatCredit: LatestDeals
They created this stunning display in just one day


They created this stunning display in just one dayCredit: LatestDeals

Enter Chrissy Shaw: the 26-year-old DIY fan who created the most stunning pink Candlyland-themed garland for her home using bargains from B&M and The Range.

Speaking to Latest Deals, Chrissy explained how and her partner Callum Robertson, 30, wanted to make their rented flat in Portsmouth feel Christmassy – but don’t have the space for a traditional tree.

The social media manager said: “We had seen some TikTok videos of people using chicken wire and baubles to make Christmas decoration arches so thought we would give that a go.

“To be honest I had no idea what I was doing at the start!”


To create the frame, the couple attached chicken wire to the wall using command hooks.

She said: “I had a bunch of baubles and feather boas from the year before but I got a few extra large and smaller baubles and more feather boas.

“I knew I wanted to have it all pink and rose gold so I also bought some Candyland pink decorations.”

At first, Chrissy started scattering baubles all over the arch – but when that didn’t look quite right, she started again and focused on building up one corner.

She continued: “I started on the bottom right-hand side and just started adding loads of baubles, mixing the sizes so it didn’t look boring and then from there started building it up.

“When it got to the bigger ornaments my partner used zip ties around them so I could hook an ornament hook to it and then hook that onto the wire.

The DIY fan bought her decorations from B&M and The Range


The DIY fan bought her decorations from B&M and The RangeCredit: LatestDeals
She spent £300 on decorations in total


She spent £300 on decorations in totalCredit: LatestDeals

“If I couldn’t get the hook to the wire I would use either another zip tie or some garden wire and bend it around the chicken wire and the tie on the ornament.

“My biggest tip would be to start in one focus point and work your way around the arch instead of adding bits here and there – I made that mistake.”

As for any glaring gaps, Chrissy filled them with tinsel, feathers and larger decorations like candy canes and lollipops.

She continued: “I got the Candyland decorations from Inspirations Wholesale, and all the other bits from The Range, B&M, Home Bargains or my local garden centre.

“The chicken wire cost £6, the hooks cost £4, the Candyland decorations such as candy canes, lollipops, hats, ice lollies, pink feather boas and more cost £250, the baubles cost £40 (they were £10 per pack). of 50 from B&M) and the ornament hooks were £1 for 250 and I had two packs of them.

In total, it took Chrissy a day to complete her display and it cost her £300 in total.

She added: “Even though I splashed out a bit on the decorations, they’re all my color scheme and ones that I’ll use again and again – whether that’s in an arch again next year or on another tree or who knows what else .”

Follow Chrissy and Callum on Instagram here.

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