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A conditional-use permit application for a tractor-trailer parking facility on three parcels between Crown Lane and Welltown Road was denied by the Frederick County Board of Supervisors on a 4-3 vote Wednesday night.

The proposed site, which is approximately 300 feet north of the Martinsburg Pike and Welltown Road intersection, would have included 85 parking spaces. The properties, which are zoned M1 (Light Industrial), are adjacent to and south of the Winchester & Western Railroad in the Stonewall Magisterial District. However, the county’s Comprehensive Plan calls for the land to be designated for commercial purposes.

Upper Valley Estate LLC sought the application.

Board Chairman Charles DeHaven Jr. and supervisors Josh Ludwig, Doug McCarthy and Judith McCann-Slaughter voted to deny the permit. Supervisors Blaine Dunn, Shawn Graber and Bob Wells voted to approve it.

Several of the supervisors — along with the county’s Planning Commission, planning staff and some Virginia Department of Transportation staff — had concerns about adding additional truck traffic to an already heavily congested area. McCarthy said the traffic in that part of the county is “a total nightmare” and he doesn’t want to add more truck traffic.

“I think this is more than just an annoyance. I think this traffic is a public safety issue that we have to address,” McCarthy said.

The permit would have prohibited pick up and drop off of any trucks or trailers between 6-8 am and 4-6 pm But that did not alleviate some of the supervisors’ concerns.

Graber said he didn’t feel that adding 85 additional trucks would “make or break the intersection,” saying “it is a failing intersection already.” He felt the applicant made the proposal as palatable to the board as possible and feared that other potential uses of the property — such as commercial businesses or restaurants — could have higher traffic volumes. Dunn shared a similar sentiment and considered truck parking to be “the lesser of two evils.”

But DeHaven backed McCarthy.

“I cannot imagine adding any truck traffic to that intersection when we have a choice,” he said. “Unimaginable.”

The board also:

Voted 6-1 to approve a permit for a 60-foot tall wireless telecommunications tower for personal use at 1104 Rockwood Trail. Applicant Terrance Price owns the property, located in western Frederick County. DeHaven was the sole dissenting vote.

Unanimously denied a permit for a 90-foot telecommunications tower at 101 Greenway Court. Winchester Wireless already constructed the tower for wireless internet communication on the property, but property owner David Hermens failed to obtain a CUP. He sought the application due to a zoning violation, which the county became due to a complaint from a property owner. Graber added that he had received calls from people complaining about the tower.


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