‘Stardew Valley’ Guide: Building a Coop and Getting Blue Chickens

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The video game “Stardew Valley” has a lot of animals to acquire, even blue chickens, and each gives a variety of different goods the players can make a profit off of.

“Stardew Valley” chickens are one of the most basic farm animals and probably the type of animal players will first acquire when playing the video game. There are different varieties of chickens you can get, and here’s how you can get blue chickens.

Building a coop in Stardew Valley

You will need to get a coop before they can own and raise any chickens. A standard coop will cost you 4,000 gold, 300 wood and 100 stone. Once the resources are gathered, they will need to be given to Robin at her shop in the northern part of town, according to Steam Community.

Robin will then ask you to choose where on the farm to build the coop. It will take Robin three days to finish building the coop. Both white and brown chickens can be bought straight from Marnie.

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Befriending Shane

Befriending Shane is needed to unlock blue chickens. Blue chickens will become available to you after they trigger Shane’s 8 heart event. The easiest way to gain Shane’s affection is to give him beer that can be bought in bulk from Gus in the Saloon.

If you don’t want to further Shane’s drinking problem, you can also give him pizza, pepper poppers or hot peppers, the former of which is also available at the Saloon for purchase. He loves all of them, but if you don’t wish to spend the money on gifts, he also likes fruits and eggs.

Shane’s Heart Events

In order to activate Shane’s heart events, there are times and locations that you need to take note of. To get two hearts, Shane will enter the forest south of the player farm from 8pm to 12am, according to PlayStarBound.

To get four hearts, Shane enter Marnie’s ranch, at any given time of day. To get six hearts, Shane enters the forest south of the player’s farm while it is raining between 9am and 8pm.

To gain seven hearts, you need to enter Marnie’s ranch when Shane is home after seeing the six heart event. Also, for part 2, you will need to enter the town while it is sunny between 10am and 4pm. Emily and Clint must also have two hearts of affection each for this event to trigger.

To gain eight hearts, you will enter Marnie’s ranch while Shane is home.

Getting blue chickens

Once Shane’s eight heart event has been triggered, the blue chickens will officially be available to you. From this moment, every chicken bought from Marnie or every chicken that is hatched from a white or brown egg has at least 25% to come out as blue, according to Reddit.

The best way that you can get a blue chicken however, is to purchase the chicken straight from Marnie. When she asks the player to name the new chicken, there will be a notice at the top of the screen that says the color of the chicken that is being named. If it is not blue, just cancel out of the transaction in “Stardew Valley” and repeat until it says blue chicken.


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