Slime Rancher: How to Breed Chickens

To breed Chickens in Slime Rancher, players will need to make sure they’ve constructed a Coop populated with specific types of Chickens.

Understanding how to breed Chickens in the Minecraft-like sandbox indie Slime Rancher is essential for raising certain species of Slimes. Feline Slimes such as Lucky Slimes or Tabby Slimes require a meat diet to produce Plorts, and Chickens are the primary source of meat in Slime Rancher. While there are many species of Chickens, they all serve as the same edible resource for the player’s Slimes. Additionally, unlike Minecraft‘s passive Chicken mobs, a specific type of Chicken in Slime Rancher is required for these feathery creatures to breed.

Female Hen Hens are the most common kind of Chicken in Slime Rancher and are what players must primarily use as Slime food. On the other hand, Roostros are the male counterparts necessary to create baby Chickens, also known as Chickadoos. Roostros are a distinctly rarer spawn as Ranchers will not find them as frequently when exploring the world. Therefore, to make a Chicken farm in Slime Rancherplayers must prioritize finding Roostros.


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Chickens will naturally propagate their habitat as long as a Roostro is near a Hen Hens nest. However, similar to breeding animals in Minecraft, they will produce Chickadoos much more quickly and efficiently within a Coop, a facility for raising Chickens. Thus, to breed Chickens in Slime Rancher, build a Coop for 250× Newbucks and place a Roostro with Hen Hens within its fence. Keep in mind that only a single Roostro is needed per Coop, as Hen Hens do not spawn Chickadoos any faster if two or more male Chickens are present.

Breeding Chickens in Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher How to Breed Chickens

There are a few important details to bear in mind when breeding Chickens in Slime Rancher. First, Hen Hens will stop producing chicks when there are 12 Chickens within the immediate surrounding area. For example, a Coop with 11× Hen Hens and 1× Roostro will not breed any more Chickadoos. This mechanic is different from Minecraft‘s breeding system, where the only restraint would likely be the player’s CPU capacity. Furthermore, both male and female Chickens have a 5% chance of turning into an Elder Hen or Elder Roostro when procreating. These Elder variants cannot breed and are better used as meat for the Slimes.

Slime Rancher also offers several Coop upgrades to produce Chickens faster. Below are the enhancements and their cost.

  • High Walls for 350× Newbucks: keeps hungry Slimes out and unruly Chickens in
  • Spring Grass for 450× Newbucks: increases the speed at which Chickadoos mature
  • Vitamizer for 500× Newbucks: grants Hen Hens a 50% chance to produce two Chickadoos instead of one
  • Deluxe Upgrade for 650× Newbucks: doubles the possible Chicken capacity and excludes Elder variants

Similar to creating new Minecraft Villager types, Slime Rancher fans will eventually create new types of carnivorous slimes that favor a specific Chicken breed over others. Remember to reproduce the Slime’s favorite Chicken type to receive the most Plorts.

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Slime Rancher is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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