Livestock show sale rings up $1M

Melissa Federspill|Leader-News
Uvalde County Junior Livestock Show sales totals over the past decade.

During a five-day add-on period that extended through Feb. 4, supporters of the Uvalde County Junior Livestock Show mobilized to fundraise an additional $173,265, bringing this year’s final sales total to a record-breaking $1,061,195.

The million-dollar mark exemplifies the show’s growth over the past 10 years. In 2011, the sales total was closer to a quarter-million, at $252,561.

This year’s total bests last year’s record of $855,053 by more than $200,000 and surpasses the 2020 total by more than $350,000.

David and Ginger Jones spent $77,600 in support of youth in agriculture, making them this year’s top buyer.

Completing the list of top 10 buyers is H4 Ranches, $50,816; the collaboration of AA Ranches and Holt Cat, $49,058; the combined purchasing power of the Joe Hargrove Family, Southwest Livestock Exchange, Speer AG and TXN Bank, $45,812; Brahma Cartel and S&P Cattle Company, $33,800; and McFadin Farms and Sarabeth and Archie McFadin, $30,766.

Neutze Enterprises also made the list, spending $27,150; followed by the combo of Uvalde Pool & Spa, RKW Irrigation & Landscaping, and RKW Pipe, $25,620; Briscoe Ranch Inc., and First State Bank of Uvalde, $23,283; and Diamondback Trailers, Diamondback Vet Supply and Frio Country Ice, $22,800.

Volume Buyers

Volume buyers are those who spent more than $1,000. They include Randy Klein, Texas Farm Store and Oasis Outback, $21,666; Jill and Chad Foster, $21,404; Grissom Cattle Company and Uvalde Meat, $20,525; Utopia Booster Club, $20,260; TJ Moore Lumber Yard, $17,236; Uvalde Booster Club, $15,300; L&L Farms, $14,750; Ag Equipment, $14,204; Barbara and Danny Parker, $13,600; Chaparral Feeders, Ralph Hesse, Mr. and Mrs. Harper Hesse, and HK Hesse Investments, $12,616; Mumme’s, $12,125; Nunn Hay & Cattle LLC, $11,200; Cattlemen’s Beef Company, $11,200; and Weeks Environmental, $11,000.

Those who spent less than $11,000 include Vulcan Materials, $10,894; Colorado Materials and Flying W $10,750; Texas Farm Credit, $10,550; 3S Services, $10,500; Debbie and Glenn McDonald, $10,333; DKM Enterprises, $10,300; HEB, $9,800; Baker Irrigation, Baker Rentals and Flower Patch, $9,424; Garner Abstract – Kyla and John Dodson, $9,150; Cecil Atkission Motors, $8,400; Tex Elliott Family, $8,279; Chaparrosa Ranch, $8,266; Bounds Ranches, $7,350; and Helena Agri Enterprises, 7,066.

Buyers who spent $6,000 or less include Sodbusters, $6,000; Knippa Livestock Booster Club, $5,950; Diamond M Field Services, $5,650; Brushy Creek Ranch, $5,650; Uvalco Supply, $5,312; Laura Tyk, John Tyk and Tyk Agros, $5,300; Diego Castillo, $5,025; Lois and Trooper Kone, $5,000; McCourt and Sons Equipment, $5,000; Kathy and Nathan Phillips, $4,737; and Wilbur Ellis, $4,600.

Other buyers include Tancosa Cattle Co., $4,350; Affordable Storage $4,320; Peek Well Service, $4,100; B & M Crawford Farms and Brad and Morgan Crawford, $3,910; Holt Helicopter, $3,910; Coleman, Horton and Co., LLP, $3,700; 2 Harris Sisters, 3 Harris Ranch LLC, $3,700; OV Casey Plumbing, $3,500; Tyler Bowman Memorial, $3,500; South Texas Aggregates Inc., $3,433; JoAnna and Derek Walker, $3,300; Laura Goodson Art, $3,280; Simplot Grower Solutions, $3,155; Melinda and Ron Korczynski, $3,100; Thompson Helicopter, $3,100; and Sarita and Lott Whitwell, 3,000.

Also, Leona Produce, $3,000; Davis Bail Bonds, $3,000; Griffith Ford, $3,000; MPTCF Glenn Staack, $3,000; Utopia General Store and Utopia Ranch Outlet, $3,000; Charles Romans, $2,900; Buckley Powder, $2,850; Jody Griffin State Farm, $2,800; Live Oak Feedlot, $2,750; 4-J Services, $2,700; Uvalde Producers and Feed Mill, $2,700; Regency Chevrolet, $2,666; Sabinal Grain, $2,600; Andres Guevara- Texas Farm Bureau, $2,500; and Ann Woodley, $2,500.

Other supporters include Kessler and Kessler, $2,400; Wanda Waters, $2,350; Ace Bail Bonds, $2,300; Capital Farm Credit, $2,200; Kathy and Tommy Thompson, $2,200; Regency Chevrolet, $2,166; Neal’s Dining Room, Rodger and Mary Anna Roosa, $2,100; Southwest Texas Vet Med Center, $2,075; Tim’s South Texas, $2,033; Suzanne DiPiazza, $2,031; Lyssy & Eckel, $2,000; Cora Lockaby- Texas Farm Bureau, $1,900; Stephen Stephens, $1,857; Tacy and Rusty Redden, $1,800; Parker Harvesting, $1,720; NacNoc Rio, $1,720; Regal Meat Market, $1,700; Southern Commodities, $1,687; Lowe’s PC, $1,650; Mike’s Alternator and Starter, $1,600; Ede & Company, $1,600; Georgia and Cory Molloy, $1,600; and Rihn Showpigs, $1,525.

Also, Sterling and Chris Havelka, $1,500; Timothy Byers, $1,500; J&J Excavating, $1,500; Williams Farms, $1,400; Burk Ranch Operations, $1,375; Howze Flying Service, $1,375; Poldack Grain and Cattle, $1,375; Alan Ford, Merril Lynch, $1,375; Brewster Bird Hunts, $1,300; Bill Soyars $1,300; Lynn and Tootie Ilse, $1,300; Ray Langford, $1,300; 6F Equipment Services, $1,300; Cenizo Services Inc., $1,300; Tres Robles Ranch, $1,300; Annandale Land and Cattle Co., $1,300; Cathy and Mike Brock, $1,250; Postal Brews, $1,200′; Dean Sterling Insurance, $1,100; Faglie Construction, $1,100; Farr West Taxidermy, $1,100; Uvalde Leader-News, $1,100; Law Offices of Dodson and Everett, $1,100; Ashley and Rodney Smaistrla $1,020; Wanda Willard, $1,020; Four S Enterprises, $1,000; Texas Recycle, $1,000; Uvalde County Abstract and Land Co., $1,000; Surlean Foods, $1,000; Wortham Insurance, $1,000; Two Rivers Ranch, $1,000; Five K Services, $1,000; Beth and Lonnie Hale, $1,000; Holly and Duane Boyle, $1,000; Kincaid Land and Cattle, $1,000; Trish and John Driskill, $1,000; and Southern Tire Mart, $1,000.

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