A trip to the Dump, another exciting adventure in the Lowcountry

Son-in-law Deedee is my garbage man.

Every Saturday morning, he calls, and I say, “Is this my garbage man?” and he laughs and says he will be coming by in 15 minutes or 30 or whatever, and I get all of my stuff together and put it out on the driveway.

Not the recyclables, the plastics, glass, and cardboard. Those wait until I get enough to make a trip worthwhile.

My darling friend Kathleen taught me to put into the freezer all of mys like potato peels and the leaving ends of celery and apple cores, all of that wet stuff that ends up slimy at the bottom of the garbage can.

Even on the hottest of August days, my potentially stinky stuff stays frozen until Deedee gets it to the Dump over on Simmonsville Road.

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