Australian and Tasmanian governments raise funds for new irrigation project in Bicheno | the examiner

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State and federal governments will spend $17.1 million on a 100 megaliter storage dam and distribution network on the East Coast. The project, which will be located in the Bicheno region, will provide an additional 64 megaliters annually to farmers. Read more: Police Evasion Charged for Delivery Driver State government provides $12.1 million for the project and the federal government cuts $5 million. Another $3 million will be spent to modernize the 140-year-old Lake Lake dam. The modernization is expected to extend the life of the dam for another 100 years and conserve 14.6 gigaliters of water annually for crop and livestock production. Read more: Georgetown doctor turns 40 and the cost of this project will be split evenly between the federal and state governments. It is expected that 37 jobs will be supported in the construction phase of both projects. The Minister for Primary Industries, Jay Barnett, said the Bicheno Recycled Water Project will provide a highly reliable irrigation supply to help expand high-value crops on the East Coast. Read more: Snapshot shows who buys Tassie Properties properties, and Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler said she has been a strong advocate for water infrastructure projects on the East Coast. “The east coast of Tasmania is prone to drought conditions, and these projects located in the East Coast and North Midlands regions will provide farmers and producers increased access to vital water sources, as well as increased drought resistance in these communities,” she said. . Senator Chandler said the federal government has committed more than $156 million to water infrastructure projects in Tasmania.


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