Chilli Morning clone enjoys educational outings: ‘It’s just like Chilli’

  • Gemma Tattersall states that Chile’s Morning Quattro clone shows “the most wonderful mind” in his early education.

    Chilli Morning world and European medalist Chris Stone owns three five-year-old stallion clones, known as Deuce, Trey and Quattro and officially registered as Chilli Morning II, III and IV.

    Gemma, who is based out of Cheshire’s West Sussex Yard Tattleton, started all three clones under the saddle before one went to German Olympic champion Julia Kragowski and the other to Chinese rider Alex Hua Tian in Cheshire.

    Gemma said, “Quattro is amazing – he’s a quick learner.” h h this week. “He’s obviously only five years old this year so he’s a kid and he’s been out less than five times, but when we take him anywhere he’s well behaved. He’s a stallion so obviously we have to be careful, but he has an incredible mind.” When I’m with him, it’s like he knows he has to focus.

    “I took him to do a demonstration lecture for the Pony Club and raise funds for the Handicapped Riding Association. It was the first time he had done anything like this and we showed the audience how to teach a young horse about skinny. He had never done it before, but within five or 10 minutes into getting to know her, he was jumping twice as thin.

    “He’s just like Shelley. He’s weird, weird, and a little horrible—it only shows up when they get it, that’s for sure.”

    Gemma was able to choose which of the three copies she kept.

    “I could have kept any of it, it was impossible to choose,” she says. “I had a nice spot for Quattro because he has four big white socks and white spots on his neck.

    “Also, it was average between the three – it made sense to send the tallest of them, Trey, to Alex and Julia to get the smallest, Deuce. We’re only talking about millimeter difference, but how do you decide that? They are all exceptional and amazing animals.”

    “We just hope we can keep them all in one piece and they can continue and compete at the higher levels.

    Gemma says the Quattro will “remain undervalued this year”.

    “He’ll be doing some local showjumping and cross-training – we’re very lucky with our local show centers. You don’t want to take a lot of them, but you give them the knowledge and education to go to the show.

    “He might do some BE100s later in the year to get the idea of ​​going to the event, aiming to go to the World Youth Championships at Le Lion d’Angers when he was six years old. Everything he does is going to be geared toward that and we won’t beat him by going fast. Big. It’s just about going to a show and being a pro, especially because he’s a stallion.”

    Chris Chilli Morning clone Quattro and other clones will likely be used for future breeding. Their registered parents are Chilean (Phantomic) and Dam (Coral, by Coliber) natives.

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