Top news on product innovations in the Asia Pacific beauty space

1 – ALL THAT GLAMES: Nano O Vida develops Nano Gold Serum to deliver a luxurious skin care experience

The newly launched India-based cosmetics brand Nano Au Veda has developed a nano-gold serum designed to give consumers a luxurious beauty experience.

Nano Au Veda is a skincare cosmetics brand that was recently launched in September by Suganthshree Sudanthiram, a former engineer.

The brand debuted with just one product, Au Glow, a serum containing plum-derived vitamin C and nano-gold.

Swarna Bhasma, the ash of gold, has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. The company has modernized this by employing patented green technology from the University of Missouri in the US to manufacture nanoscale gold.

2 – Sun & Surf: Kao relaunches Allie’s sun care brand with a focus on ‘ocean safety’ in 2022

Kao Corporation is relaunching its Allie sun care brand, with a series of new “Ocean Safe” products that comply with recent regulations in force in Thailand, Hawaii and Palau.

Launched in the year 2000, Allie is a Kao sun care brand that is widely available in health and beauty retail stores across Asia.

On December 9, Kao announced that Allie was set for a relaunch, which will see a new line of products and a renewed focus on sustainability. In particular, the brand will now focus on ocean safety.

The new Chrono Beauty range will be launched on February 12 next year starting in Japan.

3 – Zen for your skin: Taiwanese brand Phytoflow claims to unlock the benefits of meditation using natural extracts

Taiwanese cosmetics company 3dL Inc. A new series of skin care products that claim to mimic the effect of meditation on the skin using natural extracts by increasing the release of beta-endorphins.

The company is an original design manufacturer (ODM) that owns beauty brands like Ujelly and Horaios.


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