The harsh winters of the 1940s led to road closures and tractor rides to school

I tend to look far back because old memory banks are full of so many, including growing up on a country farm in Edmunds County and attending a country school.

I know Memories may sound like a record-breaker, but it seems to interest the younger generation, who seem to find the life of a farm boy growing up in the country in the 1930s and 1940s interesting. They might even imagine it wasn’t real when it was so real.

Some memories of this elderly writer go back to the winters of the 1940s. Comparing the winters back then and now, back then they were always terrible. Snow feet seemed to stay with us and leave the roads almost unusable.

Thus, getting to school was a real problem. So, the neighbor to the south connected a two-wheeled trailer, built sides on it, filled it with nice, clean straw and covered the top with an old rag of grain. He tied the whole shebang to an old Alice Chalmers tractor. Looking back, it’s hard to tell how the world began with extreme cold temperatures that seemed to last for months on end.

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