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I I love settling into a “comfortable chair” and having a great nap. Some days, sometimes, I find it hard to sleep. My brain races to think of everything I have to do before the end of the day and all those kinds of thoughts that people have that keep them from sleeping.

I have different ways to induce sleep, but I don’t always know which one will do the trick.

I’ve never had any luck counting sheep. I picture the sheep, I start counting the sheep, and then I start thinking about all the care a flock of sheep needs. I will need a sheepdog, pasture, fences, hay, a stick and scissors to collect the wool. Yes, a lot to think about.

Sometimes I think of my happy place, but I have so many of them that I find it difficult to choose the place. I think of trips to Hawaii, Arizona, Paris, Amsterdam, Bermuda and all the places I’ve been to.

Hawaii was beautiful, but then I think about how long the trip there was. Amsterdam was great, but I remember how sick I was because of a bug I caught drinking ice in bottled water.

Bermuda was gorgeous with gorgeous pink sand and turquoise water, except that our luggage only showed up the day before we left. Arizona and its scenic spots were so hot that I got dehydrated. Paris was absolutely gorgeous, with the Louvre and sidewalk cafés; I remember the Diet Coke was nine bucks a bottle.

One of my favorite ways is to get myself into a movie or TV show. I love Star Trek and have enjoyed many adventures with Captain Kirk and Spock.

I like to say, “Scotty, shaggy me!” Or Spoox, “Witch!” I didn’t do Spock well, the makeup crew corrected the ears and hair, but I couldn’t control my feelings. Today, there are so many Star Trek spin-offs that I can’t pick one to dream about.

I’ve dreamed of saving the world, but I usually end up getting killed, not a happy ending to go help me sleep. I also dreamed of playing sports, soccer, baseball, and winning the game. However, I was worried about waking up with muscle soreness from all the athletic moves it would take to win.

My go-to technique is to say a few extra prayers and then fully relax and let go!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are more fun to open than others.” — Joel author of The Guinea Pig in the Freezer! joelmvernier@aol.com © Joel M. Vernier January 23, 2022.


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