Davis land digging resumes early as developer plans

YORK VILLAGE, Maine – Archaeologists have resumed excavating a historic property in York Village ahead of the developer’s original schedule.

After weeks of digging, archaeologists have not found many artifacts, nor have they discovered a key feature thought to be on the historically significant site, according to local historian James Kences, who has been present throughout the process.

“Even after two weeks of vigorous and extensive excavation, a relatively small number of artifacts have been found,” Kences wrote Monday, Jan. 24, in a Facebook post. “It is possible that the structure related to (Preble’s) occupation may not actually exist here as had been supposed.”

So far, Independent Archaeological Consulting has uncovered two filled cellar holes, a refuse pit and a number of other archaeological features from the 17th century, according to Hilary Rockett, owner of JHR Development, the company in charge of developing the land.

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Members of the Independent Archaeological Consulting crew excavate the most recently opened area inside the tent at the Preble Site at 142 York Street in York, Maine, on Friday, Jan.  19, 2022.

The excavations are scheduled to wrap up in early February, according to Rockett, and it will take months to wash, catalog and analyze the recovered artifacts.

“We’ve been working with the Historic Preservation Commission over the past several months and plan to donate all the artifacts and have a plaque on site to commemorate its history. We look forward to collaborating with them on this,” Rockett said.

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