Chicken Run sequel at first look on Netflix

Why did Netflix cross the road? to reach chicken running A sequel over two decades in the making! official title block dawnthe long-awaited follow-up to the stop-motion (co-produced with Aardman Animations) will make its way to the subscription streaming platform sometime in 2023. Production is currently underway, with director Sam Fell (wipe awayAnd Paranorman) on the helm.

secondeway newton (Westworldand Zachary LevyShazam!He replaced Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson with the voices of Ginger and Rocky, respectively. game of Thrones Bella Ramsay will play their newborn daughter, Molly, who is described as “a real chick out of the old block.” Jane Horrocks (Babs), Imelda Staunton (Bonte) and Lynne Ferguson (Mac) recreate their characters from the first movie alongside a new cast of newcomers: Josie Sedgwick Davis (Frizzle), David Bradley (Fowler), Romesh Ranganathan (Nick) and Daniel Miss (Fetcher) and Nick Muhammad (Dr. Fry).

After escaping a sinister Pie plot on Tweedy’s farm, Ginger, Rocky, and the rest of the herd now live on a quiet island reserve. They want nothing, but when a new threat confronts all of the mainland chicken species, the entire Cock-a-Doodle community must put their own safety at risk to save their fellow birds from becoming poultry products.

“This time, they’re storming!” promises release.

Peter Lord and Nick Park – who co-directed the original film – Carla Shelley and Carrie Kirkpatrick are executive producers. The screenplay was written by Kirkpatrick, John O’Farrell, and Rachel Tonard. Steve Pegram and Lily Hobart are producers.

Inspired by cinematic touches like The Great EscapeAnd chicken runningwhich hit the big screen in June of 2000, remains the highest-grossing stop-motion feature of all time with just over $224 million in global box office revenue.

Check out the first look image below:

Netflix and Aardman also announced a new brand Wallace and Gromit Film project from Academy Award-winning creator Nick Park. He and Merlin Crossingham (director of the second unit at Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Rabbit Ware) is locked to participate in the currently untitled feature directive slated for release in 2024.

The narrative begins when Wallace builds an “intelligent gnome” who begins to think for himself. Higanks ensued and “With events spiraling out of control, it falls to Gromit to put aside his fears and fight evil forces – or Wallace may never be able to innovate again!” It’s not clear who will pronounce Wallace’s voice after his original voice actor, Peter Sallis, died in 2017 at the age of 96.

Mark Burton (MadagascarHe penned the script based on a story he filmed with Park. Claire Jennings (Coraline) Produce.

In addition to the aforementioned stop-motion endeavors, Netflix and Aardman stated that they are “exploring how we’re working together on brand-new characters and stories to make tomorrow’s classics. We’re excited to share where this journey takes us.”

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