Volunteer Opportunities at Community Gardens near Columbus

It’s a Thursday morning last fall, and Donna Watterson and her six friends are harvesting their last Cubano, jalapeno, and sweet peppers at the Hilltop Highland Youth Park. The group, brought together through their shared interest in canoeing, has been volunteering weekly at Grow. They have worked at Highland Youth Garden for the past four years. The group usually gathers early in the morning at the Griggs Reservoir Boathouse and then heads to the garden to plant seeds, pull weeds and harvest crops. In fact, these women are part of a growing number of park volunteers across the city.

“We pick a little, we talk a little, we spend some time outdoors, we get some exercise, we help a good cause and we go to lunch at the West Side Restaurant [Tommy’s, Johnny’s or BrewDog] Volunteer Lynn Olson says during a volunteer session in late October:

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