5 tips for dealing with food shortages in the United States

Have you ever felt that we live in some kind of transmission belt with a strange time loop? Like, we thought we’d already lived through a period of grocery shortages for the coronavirus pandemic, but here we are again, standing in the grocery store, this time with our N95 masks, staring at bare shelves, wondering what we’re going to cook when half the things on our list are out of stock.

Imagine you are a restaurant owner.

It’s not just about trying to swap ingredients; They try – and still do – to keep their business afloat, and delight customers. However, in a way, they are still hospitable and generous enough to share what they have learned in ways that can help us when we are cooking at home.

I spoke with Chef Alison Settle of Barn 8 at Hermitage Farm, who shared with me some hard-earned wisdom and advice while perusing CliffsNotes’ copy of the past two years for the restaurant and hospitality industry, and her tips for shopping on empty shelves. You remember losing your pasta extruder was the first sign of what was to come.

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