The second Katara Arabian Horse Festival from February 2

Katara, Director-General, Dr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti (right) and Director of Address Show Bader Muhammad Al-Darwish, during a press conference at Katara Theater yesterday. Pic: Saleem Marmkot/The Peninsula

The 2nd Katara International Arabian Horse Festival (KIAHF), taking place from February 2-12, will see 239 horses from 11 countries compete in the first-of-its-kind Arabian Peninsula horse show.

In a press conference yesterday, the Director-General of the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), Dr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, described the upcoming festival as an embodiment of the history, culture and heritage of equestrian activities. He said the 11-day festival has become a point of interest for horse lovers, and the second edition will bring a great deal of activities.

“The success of the first edition of the Katara International Festival for Purebred Arabian Horses led to the addition of a championship for horses of the Arabian Peninsula as a new addition in the second edition of the festival, in response to the passion of Arab horse lovers and breeders. . In addition to a set of accompanying and surprising events,” said Dr. Al-Sulaiti.

Katara has harnessed its great potential to host this global event to produce the most unique and attractive version for the largest number of audience and followers. For the second year in a row, the festival is enjoying great demand and increasing international interest, which is embodied in the large international participation to compete in strong competitions with the best and finest horse breeds that will be transported from different continents.

He pointed out that the Arabian horse auction will also be held, where a large local and international participation was witnessed. He revealed that a similar auction of rare artworks will be held. “The great global presence achieved by the Katara Arabian Horse Festival is a reflection of what the authentic equestrian sport finds for the wise Qatari leadership, an interest that made the State of Qatar a beacon for this sport, which is a symbol of courage and nobility,” said Dr. Al Sulaiti.

For his part, the director of the Address Gallery, Badr Muhammad Al-Darwish, said that the festival is one of the most important festivals hosted by the country this year. “This will be creative and enhance among other events. The Katara International Arabian Horse Festival will be an annual event.

About 239 horses will participate in the Arabian Peninsula Beauty Show and 32 horses will participate in the Arabian Horse Auction.

Another 309 horses were registered for the Title Show competition. Horse breeders can also purchase eggs from international mares during the festival.

Al-Duwaish said that the total prizes for the festival amounted to 17,083,500 Qatari riyals. 13,900,000 QR for the Title Show program alone, and 3 million QR in in-kind prizes such as cars and watches provided by the luxury sponsors Nasser Bin Khaled and Ali Bin Ali.

Moreover, there will be special prizes including The Legend (Senior Category) – 3 million QR; And the special prize for the horse that won all categories since reaching one year of age, which is 2 million Qatari riyals.

The second KIAHF festival will be held for 11 days, which is much longer than the first five-day edition.

Al-Darwish said this year’s event is a testament to the first edition as more people expressed their interest.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many participants did not take part in the first release. And this year, it will be different,” he said.

The wills of the high-ranking officials are true as tickets for the 4-day package for both the Arabian Peninsula Horse Show and the Title Show have been sold out.

The Arabian Horse VIP Show Table (All Days, 5th Row) valid for seven is the only package left, while the eight package options are still available for Address View, VIP Table and VVIP.

The Arabian Peninsula Horse Show will be held from February 2 to 3; Arabian Horse Auction February 7th; The main show will be held from February 9 to 12 at Katara Esplanade.


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