Peacemaker Becomes DCEU’s Highest-Rated Ownership, Overtaking Wonder Woman

James Gunn had a good start at the DCEU with The Suicide Squad, but the Peacemaker proved that was just a test.

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There are probably many people who have doubts about whether peace maker It could have a huge impact on HBO Max even after the success suicide squad Kiss. However, the violent and obscenity-filled spin-off has exceeded even the highest expectations in viewership numbers and is now the highest-reviewed release at DCEU. John Cena’s starring role as Christopher Smith breaks up last year suicide squad, brings the gun-wielding hero to his own story when he joins the Black ops organization to take down a threat known as the Butterflies. Since its premiere on January 13, the series has managed to build on its initial reviews to now surpass it amazing woman At the top of the DCEU review table.

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When it comes to the superhero genre, director James Gunn seems to be doing nothing wrong, having had a huge hit with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Movies and DC revitalization suicide squad After David Ayer’s awesome 2016 release, peace maker It’s another huge success for Gunn, and he has no intention of stopping just yet with the final Guardians projects currently being filmed and other DC properties coming. With Gunn already hinting that he’d like to be able to do more seasons peace maker This latest achievement may give Warner Bros. Motivation to greenlight more explosive episodes for Cena.

2017’s amazing woman, who gave Gal Gadot’s Amazon Warrior her first solo outing, previously held the number one spot with a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, before suicide squad by 90%. peace maker It now has a 94% rating to take the DCEU crown, right now, making it a huge leap ahead of the likes of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2016 suicide squadWhich occupies the bottom of the list with 27% and 26%, respectively.

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Peacemaker has proven that mature content in DCEU can work

Peacemaker refuses to give up his uniform with stunning look on HBO Max TV

As well as controlling the DCEU addresses, peace makerDC’s exceptional approval rating puts the chain behind the series as the third highest rating currently available for DC ownership Doom Patrol And guards With 97% and 96% ratings. Given the expected number of DC that failed to hit the mark with both audiences and critics alike, peace makerYour immediate connection has proven that more mature content on DC projects is something audiences will want in the future, and it looks like they’ll get it with a number of projects.

currently, Batman The final trailer enters before the movie arrives in March, and promises to be the darkest iteration of the character ever to appear on the big screen. With this and more potential spin-offs from suicide squad Coming, which will certainly be more in line with peace maker When they arrive, there’s a growing appetite for the kind of movies and TV series that a 12A rating can’t handle, and while Marvel has, so far, been unwilling to indulge in more adult-oriented content, DC appears to be embracing it with an increased guarantee.

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