10 Reasons Why The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Is The Best Muscle Car Money Can Buy

There are very few cars in history that create and retain reputations as strong and rich as the Shelby Mustang GT500, a machine that could easily be described as the epitome of what a muscle car is or should be. Its roots span back to the swinging Sixties, before fading from production for over 30 years before being reborn for a new generation of fans. Early versions are now sought-after prized collector’s items with high price tags and would never be found amongst a list of dirt-cheap classic sports cars.

A true muscle car in every sense, the GT500 has continually evolved into a hardcore street racer that now out handles cars that cost a great deal more, with its lesser-powered sibling Mustangs still being the best affordable American sports car on offer. They are iconic vehicles, stars of Hollywood movies, and lusted after as dream cars by an army of petrol-heads from every corner of the world, with the GT500 model being universally regarded as the king of the road.

Possessing a fine balance of power, prowess, and looking like a hungry animal out hunting for performance car prey, the latest version is an apex predator, and here are 10 reasons why the ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the best muscle car available.

10 It’s A Mustang

The original pony car with the most recognizable name in motoring history, the Ford Mustang is a four-wheeled style and performance icon immediately known by those who both love and loathe cars in equal measure.

No matter the age, body style or engine fitted beneath the lengthy hood all Mustangs have instant street cred, a legendary slice of Americana that has captivated a devoted fan base and inspired others in ownership through name alone.

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9 It’s A GT500

As rightly pointed out in Gone in 60 Seconds, the GT500 is a car that needs respect and is classified as a star within its own right, with it being the only Ford Mustang to ever get a movie film credit.

The ultimate prize for any Ford fan or car collector interested in American muscle, the GT500 is a car that makes people stop, look, and drink in the heritage that flows from the front grill right through to the rear light assembly, no matter the year .

8th Big Bang For Your Buck

With a starting price of $72,900, the Shelby Mustang GT500 produces 760 hp and 620 lb-ft of torque from a hand-built, supercharged, 5.2-liter, cross-plane crank V8 engine fitted to a 7-speed Tremec dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Able to annihilate the 0-60 mph run in as little as 3.3 seconds before passing the quarter mile line in 11.5 seconds at a supercar shaming 129.6 mph ,the GT500 will bloody the noses of cars that cost five times more with relative ease.

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7 It Oozes Muscular Cool

No show pony, the GT500 proudly shouts about its performance credentials, with every scoop vent and crease having a positive effect on performance and aerodynamics. Loud and very proud, the GT500 is no shrinking violet.

Emblazoned with both prestigious Cobra and GT500 badging the Mustang barks and growls with every tickle of the throttle before releasing a deep guttural roar as the pedal is buried in the thick carpet, its tires spinning wildly in dispute.

6 It’s comfortable and practical

Despite all of its aggression and potential for extremely high-speed thrills, the GT500 is fitted with comfortable Recaro bucket seats, leather-wrapped handbrake, Alcantara-clad steering wheel, premium carpet, and stitched mats.

Having not lost any of the functionality of the standard car, the GT500 boasts a spacious 360-liter trunk space, which is ideal for a baby stroller, a set of golf clubs, or even a quick stop at the supermarket after a hard day carving up the road.

5 It’s A Cruiser And A Bruiser

Sticking a middle finger up at the very notion of fuel economy the GT500 will guzzle through a gallon of fuel, on average, every 15 miles depending on how liberally the loud pedal is pressed, but then, this was never intended to be an eco- warrior.

Neutrally balanced through corners, able to devour straights with breathtaking ease, and immensely comfortable when not pushing it, the GT500 is a wonderfully crafted performance coupe that does exactly what it is asked.

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4 It’s Got Old School Appeal But Modern Technology

All the better for being brash and having shunned the need for a fancy hybrid or EV power train, the GT500 may seem like a throwback homage to a gone-by motoring age, but it comes loaded to the roof lining with sophisticated modern technology.

A 12-inch digital driver’s display feeds pages of information to the driver, whilst three performance modes tailor the driving experience. Pre-collision assist, lane departure warning, and auto-braking add a reassuringly high level of safety.

3 It’s A Surefire Collector Car

With the motoring manufacturing world heading at great speed towards only producing electrically powered vehicles, there is a definite expiry date on gas-powered monsters like the GT500, and time may be running out for consumers to enjoy such legendary cars.

The latest GT500 will no doubt enter the halls of ultimate Mustang collectibility, thanks to its fantastic performance and the badge it wears. Hopefully, most of these cars will run rampant out in the wild and not be subjected to a life of show-and-shine in a stable collector.

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2 It Can Be Modified

Those seeking to dominate on the track are well catered for with Ford’s very own factory-fitted carbon fiber track pack comprising 20-inch wheels, GT4 rear wing, adjustable strut top mounts, and the removal of the rear seats.

If the standard 760 hp isn’t enough, then turning to tuners such as Hennessey can be a solution, with their aptly named Venom pack offering 1000hp, along with an exhaustive list of very impressive high-performance engine parts.

1 It Swallows Its Prey

The Shelby GT500 will be the only Mustang to feature the Cobra badge as a true reflection of its thoroughbred pedigree and world-class heritage. More importantly, the GT500 will beat a Challenger SRT Hellcat to 60 mph and a Camaro ZL1 to 100 mph.

Keenly priced, the Mustang GT500 undercuts one of Europe’s finest, the BMW M4 Competition, by a substantial amount, offering more power, a more sonorous engine, and far more street cred into the deal, proving that it’s a bargain supercar on borrowed time.

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